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Donation Supplies List

*Please note the following, due to weight restrictions for air transport and guidelines regarding shipping non-hazardous materials, please only purchase the name brand and size of items listed below.  No aerosol cans only manual pump bottles.  No liquid bleach.

Candles, batteries (size D most needed), matches, ice maker, toilet paper, feminine products, diapers, baby wipes, adult wipes, soap wipes, adult diapers, baby formula, water, rice, oil (48 oz), beans, canned fruits, canned vegetables, canned tomato sauce, protein bars, breakfast bars, spam ham, corned beef, vienna sausage, toiletries, razors, first aid kits, children’s books, sun block (lotion or pump bottles only), paper plates, insect repellent (pump bottles only), over the counter medicine, vaseline, hand sanitizer (travel size only), coffee, sugar and  splenda packets, camping supplies, non-used empty gas cans, commercial extension cords, surge protectors, storage bins, plastic wrapping for bin wrapping, wash boards, arm and hammer laundry soap ONLY, clothes pins, laundry lines, packaging tape, shampoo/conditioner, men and women deodorants, generators, chain saw, tarps, ropes, bungies, contractor bags, gloves, trimmer, landscaping shears, flash lights and bulbs, lanterns, dust masks, clorox bleach wipes only, solar chargers, coolers, baking soda.

Suggested Supplies List Above
Donation Supplies List: Service
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