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Our fundraising goal is $200,000
$33,333 a month for the next six months.

All donations will be tax deductible for the 2017 or 2018 tax season. Receipts will be given to donors via the donation link.  The appropriate paperwork has been submitted to the IRS to approve the 501c3 application, this process takes anywhere between three months to two years.  We will notify all donors once the pending status is removed by the IRS and send out communications to donors notifying if their donation can be deducted in the 2017 or 2018 tax year.

The loss of property and damages may never be fully recuperated.  The appropriate claims with FEMA have been filed.  But, due to the devastating impact of the hurricane, recovery is projected to take years!  With limited access to banking services and families inability to work due to business shut downs, resources will need to be made available to purchase basic produce, and perishable items until normal island services can be made available.  Connecting families with conservative monetary resources over the next six months will provide some assistance to meet their basic needs.  Detroit4puertorico will ensure the distribution of resources are prioritized based on need and urgency.

Detroit4puertorico has held several tri-city donation drop off events.  Please continue to support our fundraising efforts and special events over the next few months. Please visit our FB page or website for events, dates, and times.

Donate: Welcome
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